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Nikon F Film Camera Body with F-36 Motor Drive

Nikon F Film Camera Body with F-36 Motor Drive

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Serial Number: 7262279

It comes with:
- F-36 Motor Drive Serial Number 139197
- Cordless Battery Pack
- Standard Prism
- Focusing Screen Type R
- Original Camera Door

The motor drive is difficult to remove from and attach back to the camera. The fastening knob which can optionally be used to firmly secure the motor drive to the body does not seem to be functioning. The motor drive works in both Single and Continuous modes, and both shutter buttons work. The eye level prism has some sort of debris or small chip inside which can be seen near the top of the frame when looking through the finder. The camera shows signs of use. All camera functions work well. Shutter speeds are accurate. Frame counter and self-timer work.

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