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The Lens and Camera Store Trade-In ProcessTrade-In Details

List the items you want to sell:

For Example:

Canon AE-1 Film Camera Serial Number 111111 Excellent Condition, Working.

Nikon FE Film Camera Serial Number 111111 Well Used, Shutter not firing.

Nikkor-Q 135mm 3.5 Non-Ai Lens Serial Number 222222 Focus and Aperture Work, Clean inside.

AF Nikkor 35mm F2 D Lens Serial Number 222222 Auto Focus not working, Lens has fungus inside.

Terms and Conditions

1. Initial Quote Request:

  • Provide Trade-In Details: Let us know what camera equipment you'd like to trade in.
  • Receive an Estimate: We respondod promptly during business hours. We'll provide you with a quick quote. This is an estimated value and not a firm offer.
  • Decision Time: Decide if you'd like to proceed based on this estimate. Remember, the final value might change upon physical evaluation of your gear.

2. Preparing Your Equipment:

  • Packaging Guidelines: Securely package your equipment, preferably in the original packaging with materials like bubble wrap. Ensure batteries are either in their original plastic trays or inside the device.
  • Shipping Restrictions: Do not include additional unsecured batteries. We are not responsible for improperly packaged items or any resulting damage.
  • Drop Off: Drop off the package at your Post Office and obtain a receipt with tracking information.

3. Shipping Your Gear:

  • Prepaid Shipping Label: We'll provide a prepaid shipping label for you to send your items.
  • Insurance & Liability: Note that packages shipped with our label are not insured. We're not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items during shipping. For insured shipping, use your preferred method.
  • Ship Within 14 Days: Send your items within 14 days of receiving your quote to maintain the estimated value. Shipping must be prepaid; COD packages will not be accepted.

4. Final Evaluation:

  • Inspection and Testing: Upon receiving your equipment, allow us three business days to perform a detailed evaluation.
  • Final Offer: We will contact you with a final offer. If it's less than the initial quote, we'll seek your approval.
  • Payment: If the final value meets or exceeds the initial quote, we will issue payment via check or PayPal without further contact.

5. Offer Acceptance:

  • Unclaimed Equipment: If you do not respond to our offer within 30 days of transferring your equipment to us, it will be considered abandoned.
  • Return Policy: If you decide not to accept our offer, we will ship your equipment back at no charge (available only for addresses in the contiguous United States).