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Linhof Super Technika V 4x5 Large Format Film Camera

Linhof Super Technika V 4x5 Large Format Film Camera

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It comes with:
- Symmar-S 180mm 5.6 Lens
- Rangefinder
- Film Back
- Ground Glass 
- Multifocus Viewfinder
- Anatomical Grip

While a CLA is recommended for optimal performance, the camera is fully operable. Checking with a flashlight the bellows has no visible holes. Camera opens and closes well. The front standard pulls out smoothly and clamps firmly on the upper track. Shifting, tilting, and rising adjustments of the front standard work. Shutter speeds sound accurate. Lens diaphragm works. The lens has several dust specks inside but no major defects.

The rangefinder works but requires a lens with a cam (not included).

The camera is in good cosmetic condition but with obvious signs of wear. The leather strap on the anatomical grip will need attention.

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