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Leica M3 Single Stroke Film Camera DAG CLA

Leica M3 Single Stroke Film Camera DAG CLA

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Serial Number: 1009659

This camera was CLA’d by DAG a few years ago. While there is no paperwork from it, DAG’s stamp is still there.

Cosmetic Condition: 7/10
It shows typical signs of use and has a name engraved in the back.

Optics: 8.5/10
If you shine a light in the viewfinder you can see some haze inside. However, the look through the viewfinder is bright and clear. The framelines show bright and solid. Rangefinder patch is bright and contrasty.

Mechanics: 10/10
All camera functions work well. Rangefinder is well aligned. Speeds are accurate. Self-timer and frame counter work.

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